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Posted on: July 22, 2009 12:59 pm

Before Panic Ensues

As a Seattle Mariners fan that was a terrible feeling last night watching Franklin Gutierrez rolling around the Detroit outfield writhing in pain. It seemed as if the season was lost on that single play and it was time to ship out some pitching very quickly. The M's were going to be 5 1/2 games out, we all knew it, it might as well have been 20 games.

What we need to remember is that with the Angel's in KC, we were bound to be that far out anyway. The Angel's haven't lost to the Royals ALL YEAR. Even if we end up winning this series in Detroit (a distinct possibility with Felix Hernandez pitching today) we were bound to be at least 5 games out. Our management had to have done the math on that one before today's loss, especially with Garret Olson pitching the way he has. I don't think today's events have really made their decision to be a buyer or seller at the trade deadline any clearer.

That said, there were some positives that came out of the game that we can take forward. For instance, it looks like Jack Hannahan will be a respectable replacement for Adrian Beltre until he returns. Hitting two "jacks" in a game at Comerica isn't easy to do. We out-hit Detroit 13 to 11. Jose Lopez has his batting average almost to .270. Not kidding, .270! Now if as a team we can draw more than one walk in 40 plate appearances I would say the offense took some huge strides forward. Funny, it was Guti's replacement Wladimir Balentien that drew that walk.

With the top of our rotation pitching until Gutierrez returns in a few days, it buys our offense a little time. We shouldn't need that many runs, and Detroit could easily fall into the funk they were in before Olson started throwing BP at them. Felix will definitely give them a different look today! I hope the M's front office doesn't panic and pull the rug out from under us too soon. This season's magic carpet ride just may have a few legs in it yet.
Posted on: July 3, 2009 1:18 pm

Why I love Franklin Gutierrez

This is very simple. I love Franklin Gutierrez (Guti) because my wife loves him. Any baseball player that get's your wife's attention, and therefore allows you to watch a baseball game even though Dancing With The Stars is on, deserves our utmost respect.

And you know what's sick? I started the whole infatuation. I simply stated, "some girls think that Gutierrez guy is hot". Then she says, "point him out". Now it is, "how did Guti do today?" and "tell me when he comes up to bat!". Awesome.

Why did I do this, well... I watch sports a lot. I mean pretty much every available hour I am in front of my tv, it is on sports. She hates it. She even tried the "pick one sport" jargon so many of us have fallen prey too. Don't do it! Find yourself a Guti and just run with it.

I have some early candidates for football season as well. Being a Seahawks fan, I of course tried to start the wife with Matt Hasselbeck. He is ripped and losing his hair like me, "don't you care about how Matt does, he's just like me!". Didn't work. Tom Brady will be back and newcomer Sanchez may be a front runner as well. If all else fails, at least she knows Jason Taylor from Dancing With The Stars. Too bad he's not a Seahawk, yet.

There is of course another reason I like Guti. He appears to be improving from being around players like Ichiro and Junior. He's learning what it's supposed to be like when you have plate discipline. And of course, he is tearing the cover off the ball of late and playing a monster center field. I don't think that being around Kelly Shoppach or Ryan Garko of the Indians did him much good the last few years. Let's hope he sticks with it and becomes that 5-tool player that he shows flashes of at times. Next year, Guti will be 27, and a coming out party may be at hand. My wife and I would love to see it.

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